Women’s Mid Week Bible Studies

Monday nights (7:00 pm) and Thursday mornings (9:00 am) – Bible Study Fellowship in Wenatchee.  Many of the ladies of our congregation are involved in this well known, nation wide study.  There are special classes  for youth and children during the Women’s meetings.  Contact Brenda Smith for more information (782-1540).

Tuesday morning at 10:00 am – Donna Eckhardt leads and hosts this group of ladies.  They share their lives, love and friendship while growing in their knowledge and understanding of God. Contact the church office for more information.

Wednesday afternoons at 4:00 pm – Fawnda Simonson leads and hosts this group of ladies that meets in her home. For more information, please contact the church office.

Women’s Retreats and Special Events

The Women’s Ministry Team (Fawnda Simonson, Carol Pace and Trea Connick) head up a number of retreats and/or special events throughout the year.  These events include such events as potlucks, Ladies’ Night Out, Christmas Tea, and Parents’ Night.  They seek to build up the body of Christ and the women of the church through this ministry.