As a church family, Mid Valley Baptist supports a number of different ministries locally and abroad.  Below are some of those efforts.  Many more missions and ministries are supported individually by our members.

Philip and Wendy Rogers serving in Santiago, Chile

The Rogers and their children have lived and worked for many years as church planters – evangelizing, teaching, training, and counseling.  Along with his regular pastoral duties, Philip has a regular radio broadcast and other community ministries. Their goal for their growing congregation is to train up pastors and leaders that can then go out and start new churches.  They also have current plans to build a new church building to relieve the crowding of their current meeting place.  As God directs, Philip would also like to start a seminary to train men for ministry.

Hospitality House/Haven of Hope

These ministries reach out to men, women and children in need of temporary homes until they can get on their feet.  These people, deserving some compassion and a little help may come from broken homes or may be recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. Some may have been recently released from jail or have faced a devastating financial loss.  While staying at one of the homes, they are expected to share in the work and are part of regular Bible study groups.

Serve Wenatchee

This ministry seeks to unite the churches of the Wenatchee valley in reaching people for God.  They are involved in helping families in need, bringing concerts and speakers to Wenatchee and have an annual Back-to-School supply give away that reaches hundreds.

Camas Meadows Bible Camp

Camas Meadows Bible Camp was started by Del and Autumn Griffith in the beautiful mountains southwest of Cashmere.  Along with numerous summer camps for grade school through high school students, the camp is available for individual group camps, winter camps, and retreats.

Gospel for Asia

Mid Valley regularly supports the ministry of Gospel for Asia, reaching out to the people of India by training and supporting native missionaries.

S.T.A.R.T. Minstries

The Lasslett Kenya Ministry – The Lassletts spend several months each year in Kenya in a wide ranging ministry.  Blake is a missionary ministry trainer and advisor working with Kenyan pastors.  He has helped them develop an association of Baptist churches, a new ministers’ training school and two new mission churches.  Donna and Blake also hold several week-long Bible Conferences each summer for pastors and wives.  The Openhand Children’s Homes, a safe haven for abandoned and orphaned children is also on the Lassletts’ hearts.   Check out the ministry website at